Week of March 27, 2017

Monday:  Spelling packet, Math PP. 525-526

Tuesday: Spelling Packet, Math PP. 531-532, Bring library books for Wednesday!

Wednesday: Spelling PacketRead 20 minutes!!  Math Exam on Thursday over Time and Coins

Thursday: Spelling Packet, Read 20 minutes, Study Spelling Words

Friday: Spelling Test


Spelling words for Mrs. Martin’s Student groups:


Short vowels in CVC words

went, hand, pink, send, wink, hunt, and, land, bank, ant, junk, wind, print, stink, plant, blank, spent, blend, stand, drink, thank, trunk, want, think


R-influenced Vowel Patterns (IR, IRE, IER)

girl, fire, drier, third, bird, birth, tire, flier, shirt, fir, whirl, hire, pliers, swirl, thirst, chirp, crier, skirt, their, twirl, wire, dirt, fur, first



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