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Welcome to Austria! Austria was founded in 1804.In BC Celtic tribes lived in the land we call today 'Austria'. The Romans conquered Austria and built towns such as Vienna and built roads. But, they got their language from the Germans who took over the towns that the Romans had founded.In the early 16th century, the Turks besieged the Austrian city of Vienna, but failed to capture it. During the 18th century, Austria prospered despite several long wars, including the Thirty Years War. A woman named Maria Theresa was born into royalty. Maria Theresa was queen from 1740 to 1780. She was married and had 16 children and two additional children died. Later on in Austrian history, an Austrian Archduke was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. This was one of the causes of World War I in 1914.In World War II, Austria was merged with Nazi-Germany. Many Nazis and Hitler (the leader of the Holocaust) were Austrian; there were over 300,000 Austrian victims. After WWII, much of the infrastructure in Austria was destroyed. The economy finally recovered in the 1970s. They introduced the Euro (their current currency) in 2002. Though this history is important, you will find more information in the links below. Thanks! -Fiona and Kate

the capital is Vienna the population is 8.47 million (2013)
language is German the currency is the Euro
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