Inclement Weather

Arlington Public Schools Weather Alert

When school closes early due to inclement weather conditions, students MUST be picked up as soon as possible, and no later than two (2) hours after the early school closing. Late fee charges will begin two (2) hours after dismissal when dismissal is due to inclement weather. When school opens late due to inclement weather, Extended Day will open one hour before school starts. If the late opening is two hours or more,  AM Preschool will be closed.

When the weather is uncertain, a message will be sent to you via School Messenger. In addition, you should listen to radio or TV for school closings and delays. Saint Ann Catholic School follows the Arlington County School System for our closings and delays.

Arriving and Departing from Saint Ann Catholic School During Hazardous Conditions
When the roads are “icy”, the Harrison Street entrance will be closed to traffic. At that point, the road between the church and school should be used to enter the carpool area. Cars should proceed up the drive, turning left in front of the rectory and loop around the intermediate building, proceeding to the regular carpool area. Preschool parents should follow the same directions, looping to the left again next to the middle school building and back down to the regular preschool drop off. No cars should drive down Frederick Street to the cul-de-sac area as this is our exit for all traffic.


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