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Parent’s Guide to Performance Series (Scantron Testing)
Link to PowerSchool Parent Portal
Updating Demographics Profile in Power School Parent Portal

Dr. Marcotte Presentation, Nov. 13, 2017
Dr. Marcotte Lessons and Advice
Handbooks found under Families/Handbooks
Middle School
Google Classroom (computer class – LAE – Spanish class)
If students and/or parents have Gmail accounts, then students will have to use the option of “Add Account” before login into their school account.

Homework Calendar: To access the Middle School Homework Calendar please look under Teacher Pages and Middle School Homework Calendar. Then, scroll down or up to the specific grade.
FORMED digital platform can be accessed at
FORMED is a website that includes all the best Catholic content in one place.
Entertaining movies, enlightening programs, inspiring talks and a great selection of popular ebooks– all just a click away!
You can register using the parish code: 8FFB67
We are grateful to the parish for subscribing to this wonderful digital platform.

Computer Class
Mouse Skills
Mouse Skills Practice

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
Parent’s Advice from Common Sense Media
Theresa Payton Interview – Implement a Safe Zone
Cyber Safety RSA Conference 2017 – Parent Resources

Digital Footprint Video
Digital Citizenship
Cyber Security

Digital Art Tutorials
Color scheme techniques and overlapping to produce interesting Op Art.

Monochromatic Art Examples
Art Project – Monochromatic Color Scheme and Tints – Video1 (tools used)
Art Project – Monochromatic Color Scheme and Tints – Video2 (Layers and Transparency)
Art Project – Monochromatic Color Scheme and Tints – Video3 (Cropping to Selection and Saving in two forms: as project and as jpg)
Op Art Project – Complementary Color Scheme Video 1 (rectangle, line and curve tools)
Op Art Project – Complementary Color Scheme Video 2 (adding tints, shades and overlapping shapes)

Yearbook Digital Art Project
Close Gaps on a Scanned Image in PaintNet
Layers and Transparency in PaintNet
Coloring on Layers PaintNet
Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial
AUDACITY TUTORIAL (sound editor)/Middle School – 5 min. video
Computer Programming
Broadcasting Messages between Stage-Backgrounds and Sprites in SCRATCH – 4th Grade and up

Miscellaneous Video Tutorials from Computer Class

All About Computer Hardware – Input/Output – Computer Care – Software
Discussion on Computer Hardware 5th Grade on TodaysMeet

Making a Valentine Card – Video 1 – 3rd Grade
Valentine Card Video 2 – 3rd Grade

Online Research Tips – 3rd Grade State Reports – 5 min. video
Microsoft Word – Kindergarten and 1st Grade Advent Season and Christmas Words
Microsoft Powerpoint – 3rd Grade Multiplication Facts Presentation

Microsoft Word and Excel Integration – 5th grade yearly calendar project – Video 1
Microsoft Word and Excel Integration – 5th grade yearly calendar project – Video 2
Microsoft Word and Excel Integration – 5th grade yearly calendar project – Video 3

Paint Net – LAE and Computer Class Halloween Project – Video 1
Microsoft Word Basics – Native Americans 2nd Grade Project – Video 1
Microsoft Excel – Academic Areas/Careers 8th Grade Project – INDEX Function – Video

Binary Numbers – Part I – Computer Science Unplugged
Storing Numbers using Binary System – Part I I- Computer Science Unplugged

Finite State Automata Theory and its Use in Computer Science
Modern Marvels – Technology Evolution
Humanoid Robots and More – NOVA
Robotics Dance Basics
Photography Tips for Children and Parents
Photography Tips for Children – Simpler Version
How do Digital Cameras Work? by BrainPop
Slide Show of Nature Photography
Khan Academy – Linear and Binary Search Algorithms
Google Sketchup Basics

Typing Practice Sites
Tux Typing 2 (Free software – Fun games)
Donwload and Install the corresponding software.

BBC Typing Site

Proper Keyboarding Guidelines and Resources

Take a Typing Test

Compete with People Around the World!
Typeracer – Free Account

The Keyboard Song

Technology Topics
Science Daily Magazine
Computer World Magazine
Computer Science Unplugged
The Integrated Circuit
Computer Science 4 Fun
Quantum Computers (COOLEST thing Ever!)

Computer Science Games/Applications
Gamestar Mechanic
Cool Scratch Video Tutorials

Spreadsheets, Charts and Graphs Tutorials
Tips on how to organize your data for your science fair project.
Excel Chart Tutorial
Understanding Graphs and Charts – KidZone

Fun Games that make you think!
Magic Pen
Physics Puzzle Game

And For the Little Ones …
Learn to Read with Starfall
Have Fun in Seusville
Make a Snow Flake
Sqool Tool Videos…
BBC School

Spanish Class
Video for Spanish made with Web Cartoon Maker:
Saludos en Español – (Greetings in Spanish and more)
Questions About “Saludos en Español and more” video

Homemade Games to Practice  Spanish
El Alfabeto- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2010 Saint Ann School
El Cuerpo Humano (The Human Body)- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2011 Saint Ann School
Los Alimentos (Food)- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2011 Saint Ann School

La Ropa (4 videos)
LA ROPA I (Zamba Beat)- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2011 Saint Ann School
LA ROPA II (Tango Beat)- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2011 Saint Ann School
LA ROPA III (Salsa Beat)- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2011 Saint Ann School
LA ROPA IV (Hack Beat)- Learn Spanish Series-Copyright @ 2011 Saint Ann School

Muzzy El Grande – Part I
BBC Spanish Practice
English-Spanish Dictionary
LA VIDA LOCA MYSTERY – To Practice Listening and Comprehension
TEST 1 – Articles
TEST 2 – Gender and Nouns
TEST 3 – Pronouns and Adjetives

QUIZLET electronic Flash Cards for Spanish and Chat
Contact Mrs. Marcela Inchauspe de Cortes if you need a username to sign into the 2011 Spanish Club – QUIZLET Account

Music Class
Music Theory – Fun Website

Library Class
Saint Ann Library Catalog
The catalog is found under the Library Teacher Resources Page. Here is a link to that. Remember you need to log into the school website for access. You can use the account from the computer lab if you don’t remember your personal one.
Access to Saint Ann Library Catalog

World Book Subscription
World Book Encyclopedia
Search Engines for Kids
Tips on Searching the Web
Learn what is a Query, a hit or a virtual libray. What tools are best for a particular query? How can I modify my query to get relevant results right away?

Web Searching Glossary of Terms
Web Searching Hints on a Diagram Example

Web Search Strategies
Web Search Strategies Lesson
Ask Jeeves for Kids

Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus
Your Dictionary
Features dictionaries for 270 languages, glossaries for abbreviations, acronyms, grammar and style guides.
Information Please Dictionary
Dictionary Search gives you access to more than 125,000 entries, from aalii to zymurgy.
Dictionaries, thesaurases, encyclopedia, style guides, and more.

Information Please Encyclopedia
Access more than 57,000 articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.

General Reference
The Internet Public Library–Kid’s Space
The Internet Public Library is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment at the University of Michigan School of Information.


50 States
Everything you want to know about the 50 states.

Science and Science Fair
First Science
Articles, news, poems, and games about science, the environment, and space.

How Stuff Works
Ever wonder how a CD burner or a digital camera works? Want to know how an aircraft carrier floats, how a pawnshop operates, or why cracking your knuckles makes a loud noise? How Stuff Works is the site for you!

Design a Roller Coaster
Try your hand at designing your own roller coaster. You will be building a conceptual coaster using the physics concepts that are used to design real coasters. It’s fast and easy–5 clicks and you don’t need to compute any formulas. At the end, you can see the roller coaster you built. You can also see your roller coaster’s safety rating and fun rating.

Science Monster

Bibliography in MLA Format Guidelines
MLA Bibliography

Web Searching Tips
Web Searching Glossary of Terms

Science Buddies Resources
Help with Research – Information to collect for the Bibliography
Science Buddies – Project Bibliography
Experimental Design-Explanations & Examples (Use the links and tabs to see more)
Science Buddies – Project Guide
Comparing the Scientific Method with the Engineering Process
Science Buddies – Scientific and Engineering Method

Science Fair Series Episode 1 Copyright @ 2014 Saint Ann School
An introduction to the Entire Process
Science Fair Series Episode 2 Copyright @ 2014 Saint Ann School
Brief description of the first module: – Background Research Questions
Road to Electricity -Copyright @ 2012 Saint Ann School
A Flash game to learn about Electricity concepts, components and circuits. Helpful to understand most terminology in research articles.

IXL at Saint Ann
Creative Encounter of a Numerical Kind!
AAA Math
Great Manipulatives!

Language Arts
American Writers
What should I read?, – Get advice from a team of experts …



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