Student summer work comes in 2 types of Bingo cards. One is meant for grades K-3, and the other for grades 4-8.

K-3 Summer Work Bingo 2019
4-8 Summer Work Bingo 2019

The students have been told that if they complete 5 activities in a row, they will receive an out of uniform pass.
If they complete the whole board (25) they will receive an out of uniform pass treat!

We ask parents to simply initial the boxes as their child completes the tasks. The two cards have been designed so that older and younger students can work on similar tasks together. Hopefully, this makes the summer tasks simpler for families and friends.

If the card is lost or needs to be replaced, the attached PDF has one middle school card and one elementary school card. Feel free to print a copy at home. New students can print these cards out, as well.

Parents, please use the Scantron results; PALS scores (for students in primary grades), and/or any guidance given by the classroom teacher when selecting books at the child’s reading level. All reading is productive, but we are learning that books that are closer to a child’s instructional level help them to make progress. For more information on selecting books at every level, visit:, or  the Scholastic site:

Have a blessed summer!


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