Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence


The Virginia Catholic Education Association (VCEA) accredits each school and every teacher meets the VCEA or Commonwealth of Virginia certification requirements. 

Catholic schools are a vital part of the Diocese of Arlington’s mission to support parents in raising their children by providing a sound comprehensive education based on the values of the Gospel in the Catholic tradition. The Design for Excellence (DFE) model provides the framework within which each school maintains a “culture of review” and works toward continual growth in students’ learning outcomes.

This Design for Excellence process is the program each Catholic elementary school undertakes in order to demonstrate evidence of:

  • Compliance with the state of Virginia’s and the Virginia Council for Private Education’s expectations
  • Implementation of the Office of Catholic School’s curriculum requirements
  • The quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Those components of the learning community that include Leadership, Curriculum, Personnel, Service, Governance/Finance, Demographics, and Facilities

The process is based upon documentation of a critical self-review of curriculum and teaching practice at the school level. This exercise has as its basis a commitment to the belief that the Catholic school must fulfill its own educational goals by blending human culture with the message of salvation into its coordinated school programs. Education experts from other schools (and school systems) comprise the DFE’s Visiting Team that assesses the self-study. The Visiting Team’s final report contains specific commendations and recommendations on all aspects of the school. The report is finally reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of the Virginia Catholic Education Association.

Saint Ann Catholic School received full re-accreditation in December 2019.