Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence


Our parents, teachers and visitors regularly share positive feedback with us.  The following comments highlight the value of a Catholic education.  Here are just a few recent ones:


  • “We love the community – everyone knows our child’s name and is warm and welcoming.”
  • “We like all the kindness and love that flows around.” 
  • “I really love the sponsor program for new parents.” 
  • “We love Saint Ann’s faith-filled community, with strong values and structure.”
  • “We like knowing our child is receiving individual attention and being looked after.” 
  • “There is nothing like the warmth and sincerity of the welcome at every occasion.
  • “My daughter is happy going to school each day and even looks forward to going back to school at the end of the holidays.” 


  • “We love that our daughter is part of a loving, nurturing and caring community of teachers and classmates.” 
  • “The energy of the teachers is amazing. The PTO is excellent and works very hard.” 
  • “The teachers are invested and provide interesting ways to engage the kids.” 
  • “They use wonderful principles to teach my child goodness.” 
  • “Our teachers and staff are attentive, loving and caring – my children learn so much. Thank you for everything!”
  • “We found an intimate, supportive and communicative community.” 
  • “Awesome teachers. Everyone is hard working.”

Students and Academics

  • “My kids are known.” 
  • “The kids are so sweet to each other. I love how kind the middle schoolers are to the little kindergarteners and 1st graders.” 
  • “I like how all the ages interact with each other, like in the household activities.” 
  • “I love the small class sizes and personal attention my child receives. I also love the high level of education my son receives.” 
  • “I appreciate the faith-based approach to education and life and the inclusive community.”