“The wonderful thing about Saint Ann Catholic School is that it allows children to remain innocent, to not grow up quite so fast in this very fast moving world.” – Fourth Grade Parent 

“I love the fact that the kids all know each other and take care of each other. My son loves the eighth graders that greet him in the morning carpool and walk him to class. My daughter adores her Mass buddy. They truly feel thatStudents and Statue they are part of a big family at school.” – Parent of a First and Third Grade Student

“Saint Ann Catholic School provided my son with a great degree of confidence. It does not occur to him that he may not succeed — he simply knows he will.” – Parent of Saint Ann Catholic School Graduate

“As a teacher, it is so gratifying to know you have the incredible support of the school families. Their involvement in the school and encouragement of the children makes teaching even more fulfilling.” – Saint Ann Catholic School Teacher

“It is hard to verbalize what Catholic education does for a child. Instead of religion being a weekly class he is forced to take, their faith is part of how they live. My kids graduated long ago, and remain strong Catholics today. I give Saint Ann Catholic School a great deal of credit for that.” – Saint Ann Parishioner


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