Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Resource Services

Saint Ann Catholic School features a resource department to meet the needs of students who are exceptional learners.

Some of the accommodations that we offer to eligible students are:

  • Read-aloud 
  • Audio versions of books through services like
  • Extended time on tests and quizzes
  • Organizational assistance
  • Scribing or access to software that scribes
  • Visual aids (such as graphic organizers or math charts)
  • Access to sensory tools
  • Modified curriculum when necessary

Students who require a more challenging curriculum are also accommodated by our faculty in small groups outside of their classroom every week.

Guidance is provided to parents who are considering having a student assessed for a learning issue. We use the following variety of tools to create student assistance plans (SAPs):

  • testing completed by a private provider (when available)
  • classroom observations
  • input from our counselors and faculty
  • recent classroom performance,
  • current IEPs or 504 plans issued by a public school
  • recommendations from professional (such as a speech therapist or psychologist) and parent/guardian feedback.

Whenever possible, we collaborate with case carriers in the public school setting.  If we find a student requires additional challenges due to potential giftedness, data from both in-school and outside of school assessments which demonstrate an aptitude in a particular area are considered.

A part-time reading specialist supports students who need assistance in the lower grades, whether or not they have a diagnosed learning issue. The specialist assists K-3 teachers by planning activities to encourage literacy at every level and by aiding in reading assessments.

Our counseling services are provided by Fountain of Life, LLC. The counselors provide whole class lessons on:

  • virtues like kindness
  • perseverance
  • self-control
  • managing anxiety 

Sessions are also offered to staff members and parents, several times a year. The counselors are available several times a month to check in on students who need a little more support. Sessions with groups of classmates struggling to get along, or pairs of friends trying to resolve a conflict, are offered at the discretion of the teachers. It is a great support to families and staff members to have this extra help, and the counselors approach issues from a Catholic perspective.