Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Resource Services

Saint Ann Catholic School features a Teaching and Learning Center, staffed by resource teachers to meet the needs of students who are exceptional learners.

Guidance is provided to parents who are considering having a student assessed for a learning issue. We use the following variety of tools to create Student Assistance Plans (S.A.P.s):

  • current IEPs or 504 plans issued by a public school;
  • testing completed by a private provider;
  • classroom observations;
  • recent classroom performance;
  • parent/guardian feedback.

Whenever possible, we collaborate with case carriers in the public school setting.  If we find a student requires additional challenges due to potential giftedness, data from both in-school and outside of school assessments, which demonstrate an aptitude in a particular area, are considered.

A resource teacher supports students who need assistance in the lower grades. The specialist assists K-3 teachers by planning activities to encourage literacy at every level and by aiding in reading assessments.