Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

K-8 Enrollment

Saint Ann Catholic School opens the application process to new families in November, each year. You may submit your Application along with your application fee to the school office beginning November.  

We date and time stamp all applications upon receipt.  Our existing students are given priority for the next year.  After that, we will first enroll siblings of current students, parish children, military and State Department families, children from neighboring parishes, and then children from other faiths.  We try our best to accommodate as many children as God (and space) will allow.

Once all the required paperwork is received (see checklist), the review process begins.  Families who are transferring from other local schools may be asked to meet with the principal. Once we review and process the application, you will be notified regarding the status of your application.  Applicants who are accepted to Saint Ann Catholic School will receive the following, along with their letter of acceptance:

  • Registration Form
  • A non-refundable family registration fee of $500
  • Records Release Form, as applicable
  • Payment instructions


Application Form

Application Fee

Additional Requirements for Saint Ann Catholic School:

School Records