Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence


Saint Ann Catholic School provides a dynamic, strong-faith community where students, family and faculty worship, learn and grow in Christ together. A big component of a Saint Ann’s education is honoring the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.  We do this through community outreach, retreats, weekly masses, and daily prayer and reflection.  

Saint Ann’s also is committed to working with the parish to prepare our students to receive the sacraments: 

  • Sacramental preparation is done in classes.
  • Reconciliation preparation is done in grade 2
  • First Communion preparation is done in grade 2
  • Confirmation preparation is done in grade 8

Mass.  We celebrate Mass as a community each Friday at 8:30 am in the church.  We have a treasured Mass Buddy program where younger grades are partnered to sit with the older grades. This helps our younger students learn from an older partner what is expected in Mass.  Kindergarteners are paired with 7th graders and 1st graders are paired with 8th graders. 

Students also serve as altar servers, gift bearers and lecturers at our Masses.  The Mass is open to the outside community and we encourage parents to attend.