Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Student’s Work

Here you will find some samples of student’s work during computer class.

E-books and Podcasts

E-Book about Summer made by middle school students.
This e-book has a Table of Contents with Hyperlinks. It’s made in Google Docs. The Mind Map is made in Google Draw.
Mind Map of My Best 5 Summer Days
Ebook of My Best 5 Summer Days

Research and Podcasts About US Presidents Made by 3rd and 5th Graders
They were made using Garage Band and Audacity.

Grover Cleveland
Theodore Roosevelt
James Garfield
James Kpolk
Richard Nixon
Abraham Lincoln
Barack Obama
John Taylor
William Harrison

Spanish in Computer Class (Podcasts and Games)

Microsoft Word Narratives in Spanish made by 4th graders working in teams.

Podcasts made by 4th and 5th graders made using Garage Band. They describe different types of transportation in Spanish:

By Bryan and William
By Johnny and Clara
By Stella and Sammy
By Joseph and Raya
By Julia and Sidney
By Samantha and Ellen

Interactive games made by 2nd graders using the Scratch programming language. The theme was the parts of the body and the face, in Spanish. (The exhibit has videos of those games being played.)

Kasper’s Movie
Grayson’s Movie
Jacob’s Movie
Brigg’s Movie